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Berlin workshop

We invite you to join us in this unique Yoga workshop that offers ways to bring together meaningful Yoga practice into your daily living.
Offering the wonders of breathing and self grounding in face of effort and tension. A practice with less stress, and more softness.

In the workshop we will explore 3 main themes :

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Vayus Gates - 10 vital winds leading to a stable, powerful yoga practice    

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Three simple, yet vital steps to work with clear intention in the practice. Steps that can be applied in every environment, on and off the mat.

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How nature springs from within  - visualizing natural wonders will reveal the essential role nature plays for our inner being and grounded self to thrive and our breath and movement to become deeper and more graceful.

About Matan

Matan is the founder of “YafoYoga”, a school for Yoga and Mindfulness in Tel-aviv. Matan has been teaching Yoga for 20 years, observing nature and humans and sharing his insights and knowledge in a vivid and unique learning experience. Matan’s teachings are based on more then two decades of yoga practice and living experience on three continents. He leads retreats, workshops and seminars internationally, at Yoga studios, universities, conferences and festivals. Matan also runs a private clinic, integrating Yoga with movement methods and hands on therapies such as Rolfing, Yoga-therapy, Shiatsu, Qigong, and Feldenkreis. Matan's methods invite people to learn stress and pain management skills and offer ways to return to intuitive, natural movement, listen deeply to the present moment, and promote well-being. Matan studied with world renowned teachers such as Pattahbi and Manju Jois, Dr. Kausthub Desikachar, Dharma Mittra, Aadil Palkhivala, Ramanand Patel and Michael Gilbert. Matan now studies with Orit Sen-Gupta, the founder of Vijnana Yoga. He was trained to teach Vinyasa Yoga in New York and Vijnana Yoga in Israel and is inspired by the wisdom of ancient traditions like Chan, Zen and different yogic traditions.

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A brief explanation of the Vayus:

The vayus (winds) are the core of ancient yogic practice that was lost over time. Only a few vague descriptions in ancient Sanskrit texts remain from this practice. 


Practicing vayus in pranayama and asana reconnects body and soul, mind and movement.


Matan has been researching and practicing the vayus for more then 12 years and slowly uncovering inspiring aspects of the mysteries of this profound, powerful practice.


28th August 


Gartenstudio of Bouldergarten
Thiemannstr. 1
Berlin - Neukölln
(entrance via the wooden terrace)


30 euros (in advance)
40 (at the day of workshop)

Space is limited to 10 people
Advance registration is recommended

For registration and additional details please contact Camille at

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